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?We can?t allow the scapegoating of migrants in the political arena to go on.? ? Interview with Benali Hamdache Benali Hamdache has worked as a campaigns coordinator for a migrants? rights charity as well as having helped to set up a charity that advocates on behalf of young people with mental health problems. …
Swiss Adventurer Launches Quest to ?Fly Forever? By Neil Shea ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates?Early on Monday, if the desert wind rushing toward the Strait of Hormuz lays down and dawn comes in clear and bright, a very large and odd-looking experi…
6 Resources for Green Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season It?s that time again, the holiday season is upon us and thoughts of gift giving have invaded your ever-waking moment. Where does one go to obtain green gift ideas or buy green gifts for our friends an…
Hemp Sheets and Motion Sensors: Eco-Luxury Hotel Comes to South Beach 1 Hotel South Beach Cabana Pool The Starwood Capital Group?s chief executive Barry Sternlicht has debuted its first eco-luxury brand hotel in Miami Beach, along with developer Richard LeFrak. 1 Hotel…

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1. "Soft organic cotton really smells good too." by fdsa at 2008-09-15 14:14:31 in Eco materials

2. "Eat organic rosemary when you bbq to reduce the carcinogens." by anon at 2008-09-15 14:02:19 in

3. "Make a smaller footprint by walking more" by anon at 2008-09-15 13:58:57 in