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Go Green Activity @ Jeevanbheemanagar Bangalore 50 Dell volunteers and students from Learning Links nodal school conducted Go Green Activity @ Jeevanbheemanagar. A cleanliness drive is conducted in the entire community and paper bags are distrib…
THINK GREEN, LIVE GREEN, LOVE GREEN: SUSTAINABLE FASHION Sustainable fashion is coming more to the forefront across the fashion and design industries of late. When I think about conservation and ?Going Green,? my first thoughts are to remember to put my pla…
SXSW Eco | Austin, TX (Trigger warning: this post is mostly about food) I freaking love this human.     After my initial feelings of being eco-verwhelmed with the incredible presentations and conversations I was lucky enough to be a part of at SXSW Eco, I calmed down t…

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1. "Soft organic cotton really smells good too." by fdsa at 2008-09-15 14:14:31 in Eco materials

2. "Eat organic rosemary when you bbq to reduce the carcinogens." by anon at 2008-09-15 14:02:19 in

3. "Make a smaller footprint by walking more" by anon at 2008-09-15 13:58:57 in